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    the exhibition


    Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC Expo), Guangzhou, China

    Oct 12 – 14, 2021






    Exhibition Area

    Initiator: Guangzhou Property Management Association

    Organizers: China Commercial Property Development and Construction Working Committee, Guangdong Property Management Industry Institute, Guangzhou Property Management Association, Guangzhou Sun Young Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Co-organizer: Shandong Property Management Association

    Supporters: Guangdong Real Estate Association, Guangdong Robotics Association, Guangdong Indoor Environmental Health Association, Guangzhou Parking Association, Guangzhou Industry Association of Sanitation, Guangzhou Property Managers Association, China Property CIO Club, Rixins.com



    Chinese Market

    Upon years of exploration and rapid development, China's property management industry has been continuously expanding in scale. As of the end of 2019, there have been approximately 134,000 property management enterprises in China, employing about 10,796,000 personnel in the industry, with industry assets of RMB 119.6 billion (USD 18.5 billion), up 21.16% year-on-year, while the industry market size has reached approximately RMB 820.6 billion (USD 127 billion), up 8.89% year-on-year. China Business Industry Research Institute predicts that by 2020, China's property management area will cover 34.5 billion square meters.

    Up to the end of 2019, a total of about 10,211 property service enterprises have been operating in Guangdong Province, employing totally 1.226 million practitioners, with over 30,168 projects under management and a total area under management of 2.413 billion square meters, generating an annual main business income of RMB 124.827 billion (USD 19.32 billion). Among the top 500 national property service enterprises assessed in terms of comprehensive strength in 2020, 94 Guangdong property enterprises were listed, accounting for 19%; of the top 200 enterprises ranked, 74 Guangdong property enterprises accounted for 40%. Guangdong property enterprises are in a leading position nationwide in terms of brand and value.

    Following the gradual shift from "incremental" construction to "stock" operation, value-added property management services have emerged as a new growth point. The property industry has embarked on a trend of technology empowerment, tool change, capital support and enterprise competition & cooperation, thereby transforming into the next trillion-dollar blue ocean market.


    About The Exhibition

    The Guangzhou Smart Property Management Expo is held annually in August at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center, attracting nearly 200 exhibitors with new products and solutions to showcase on this industry platform in 2020. The 3-day exhibition has drawn approximately 100 professional visitor delegations nationwide, receiving an accumulated total of 38,025 professional visits.

    In 2021, the Guangzhou Smart Property Management Expo will continuously integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the property management industry, doubling the overall scale and aggregating cutting-edge technology products and solutions for smart property, smart living, smart community and smart city, with a view to empowering the new development of the property management industry and exploiting the next trillion-dollar blue ocean market.


    ???The Most Influential And Prestigious Property Management Industry Event In China

    Authoritative Organizers: Co-organized by China Commercial Property Development and Construction Working Committee, Guangdong Property Management Industry Institute, Guangzhou Property Management Association, Guangzhou Sun Young Exhibition Co., Ltd., the event is characterized by its strong integration of property management industry resources.

    Location Advantages: With a huge dividend market of 1.3 billion people in China, Guangdong is the birthplace of property management in China, which demonstrates the leading standard of the property industry with its proximity to Hong Kong and Macau.

    International Perspective: Grounded in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, the event introduces international premium brands and service providers to facilitate cross-border industry exchanges.

    Industry Benchmark: Converging top property brands, technology companies and suppliers to jointly create the most influential and high-quality property management industry event in China.

    Trend Debut:New products and technologies for the industry are being released to empower new developments in the property industry.

    Gathering of Renowned Figures: With insight into industry hotspots, industry experts and enterprise representatives will be invited to explore the development trend of the property management industry and have an intelligent outlook on the future.

    Cross-border Consolidation:Integrating cross-border resources, inviting wisdom dialogues among cross-border leaders, facilitating icebreakers, inspiring new inspirations and leading the transformation and upgrading of the property management industry.

    Complete Categories: There are 10 major exhibition zones covering the upstream and downstream industry chain of property management, including smart technology, robotics, cleaning equipment, community consumption, property uniform, talent training, etc.



    International Brand
    Smart Technology 


    5G New Infrastructure 

    Cleaning and Greening Gardens


    Urban Renovation 
    Talent Training 

    Property Management Companies 

    Community Consumption 

    Featured Events

    Main Forum: 2021 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Property Management Industry Summit Forum

    This year's key event, the Summit Forum, will feature government executives, renowned experts from home and abroad and elites from enterprises, to jointly interpret industry policies, discuss core property management topics, collide with new ideas in the industry, offer suggestions for the development of the property management industry, explore new products and technologies, exchange and learn from advanced property construction and management experience, and elevate the level of intelligent management in the property industry.?

    10+ Thematic Sub-Forums:?More than 10 thematic sub-forums will be held focusing on hot topics such as technology empowerment, smart communities, new properties, capital mergers and acquisitions, urban renewal, 5G new infrastructure, and community retirement, which will provide in-depth interpretation of industry segments and guide the direction of industrial development.

    Brand Launch: Brand launch of property management companies and suppliers, launch of new products, technologies and services

    Themed Salons/Supply-demand Matching Exchange Series Activities: a number of thematic salons and industry exchange seminars are held to promote the matching of supply and demand resources

    Business Matching:Business Matching Program will help exhibitors to match with the appropriate buyers before the expo and arrange face to face meeting between exhibitors and pre-registered buyers.

    Awards: the most popular gold medal property supplier competition, collecting and selecting the most popular suppliers in various property segments


    Who Will Visit? 

    Government Agencies: leaders of Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Urban Management and Law Enforcement authorities, local industry authorities;

    Real Estate & Property Management Companies :property developers, property management companies, etc.;

    Trade Companies: manufacturers, agents, distributors, wholesalers and traders of relevant products and equipment;

    Social Organizations: local industry associations, media collaboration network correspondents, news media reporters;

    Service Firms:cleaning companies, maintenance and repair companies, equipment companies, etc.;

    ??Other Visitors: managers of industrial parks, hotels, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and scenic spots.  


    Authoritative Organizers

    China Commercial Property Development and Construction Working Committee: is a direct subsidiary of the China Federation of Urban Commercial Outlets Construction Administration (a central institution at the vice-ministerial level), entrusted by the State Council to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), and is approved by the SASAC and the Ministry of Civil Affairs for the record as a national, professional class of industry construction services in China's urban commercial and property-related fields.

    Guangdong Property Management Industry Institute: Established in August 2000, the Institute is under the supervision and management of the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province and the business guidance of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. There are more than 1000 member organizations, of which 244 are enterprise members of the fifth council, including 4 executive president companies, 35 vice-president companies, and 79 standing council entities.

    Guangzhou Property Management Association:?Established in June 1995, it is the fourth provincial and municipal property management association in China following those of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hainan. The business guidance department of the Association is the Guangzhou Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau. The Association currently has 626 enterprise members, with the Council, the President's Office and other executive bodies and the Supervisory Board (supervisory authority) under the General Assembly. There are 183 members of the 6th Council and 5 members of the Supervisory Board.

     Media Partners

    ???The Most Influential And Prestigious Property Management Industry Event In China

    Contact Us

    Guangzhou Sun Young Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Contact Person:Mrs. xiao

    Tel:+86 20 32644854

    Mob:+ 86 13044275250

    E-mail: xuyang@spmexpo.cn

    Address:3015, Block D, Poly World Trade Center, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 

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